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Flora flor herbal dry tea blend contains superior extracts that improve our digestive and immune systems while accelerating general body detox. It is a traditional tea blend from the Ojibwa people that has been perfectly improved to enhance elimination of chemicals and toxins. The recipe has been widely improved in Ontario Canada.

It is the blend rich in sheep sorrel, kelp, watercress, kelp, elm, turkey rhubarb and blessed thistle.These ingredients have lots of benefits inside our bodies. If we consider cleansing our bodies for long, we are aiding our body to keep off chronic ailments and infections. Flora flor herbal dry tea blend serves as a Detox kit that is full of 8 superior herbs that works to improve all body functions if taken in the long term.

It the herbal custodian with full experience in general cleansing benefits. As we age our body systems become weaker and we are susceptible to diseases. We may also be overwhelmed with the amount of Detox we get each day. Major toxins sneak inside our bodies without our knowledge and get deposited in cells and tissues reducing energy levels and increasing constipation. If we leave these toxins for long, we may have cellular damaging which causes us to have physical and emotional imbalance, mood swings, irritant skin and nausea.

Flora flor herbal dry tea blend is formulated tonic beverage that gradually functions inside our bodies. it also provides us with recommended phytonutrients obtained from herbal plants. It is the instant formula that provide wide matrix of benefits and has pure quality ingredients. Apart from flushing all toxic elements it may be used daily and it is absorbed fast in our bodies.

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