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Use a Detox Tea for a Healthier, Better You


With all of the preservatives in the food and drink we consume, it is easy to feel run down and sluggish sometimes. Toxins build up in our systems, causing our digestive system to slow down and our bodies to react to these toxins. Sometimes you need to detoxify your system to get back to feeling healthy again.

Genuine Health has released a detox tea, Genuine Health Greens + Daily Detox, that is designed to help your body get rid of the build up of poisons in your body and get you back to feeling and being healthier again.

Your body is like a well-oiled machine: if you don’t keep it clean, it will break down. Genuine Health Daily Detox has its formula that helps cleanse your body of all of its impurities so that your body will get back to working the way it is supposed to work. With a blend of Green Tea, Probiotics, NAC, and more, Genuine Health Daily Detox gently releases the toxins from your body so that you can get back to normal.

As you take it, you will notice that you will have more energy, you will be sleeping better, you have better focus, and your digestive system is back on track.With all of these amazing health benefits, can you think of a reason not to try it? It even comes in two great flavors: Natural Tea and Green Apple!

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Wild Rose Herbal D-Tox

A brand well known in the country of Canada for over 25 years, Wild Rose Herbal serves as the premier source for detoxing the vital organs of the body for supreme and optimal health. Essentially used to break the negative habits and rituals of our primal selves, the detox effects serves as the foundations for a better and healthier way of living. Breaking free from the trapped chemicals and negative nutrients that keep the body coming back for more and more. Setting the foundation and start of new lifestyles and habits, the herbal cleansing serves as the perfect gateway of breaking negative traits and attractions of the human body.

The details hold no bounds as the packs provide a serval day kits to aid in the complete building of a brand new body. This promotes a healthy balance in the mind, providing a means of a deep clean without leaving the body deprived of its vital substances and matter. With the specification of a 12 day kit the packet comes with the 4 piece kit of extracts and supplements. These include the Biliherb (48 Vegan Capsules), Cleansaherb (48 Vegan Capsules), Laxaherb(48 Vegan Capsules) and CL Herbal Extract(50 ML).

The extracts are ideal for a continued 12 day use. Easy to take and hold specific instructions. The means of the blend yield great benefits throughout the process and long after the use of the detoxins. Overall greatly improves the digestive health and also prevents the urges and cravings of negative diets and foods. Taking the first steps to a healthy and more active lifestyle in both the consumption of higher quality foods and overall healthy movements of the body.

Benefits of using Wild Rose Herbal :

  • Contains no stimulant laxatives.
  • No fillers, binders, artificial colors or preservatives.

· The #1 D-Tox in Canada.

  • Ideal for a Vegan lifestyle.
  • Gluten Free, dairy free and soy free.

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Want a Health Body? Take Renew Life Kidney Cleanse

Renew Life Kidney Cleanse Kit

The kidney is considered to be one of the most vital organs of your body. It functions to filter out the surplus water and also the waste products from your body. It enables your body to release the waste product through the process of urination. With time, your kidney might become the breeding ground for numerous toxic materials and this, in turn, prevents your body from functioning properly. This make kidney cleanses essential and you can do this with the help of Renew Life Kidney Cleanse.

What are the Potential Benefits to be Obtained from Renew Life Kidney Cleanse?

This is one-month cleaning program and it has been formulated for sterilization, alkalize, and also cleanse the urinary system. The first part of the supplement has some herb which helps in the process of detoxification of the kidneys and the second part of it contains minerals that alkalize the urinary tract. Numerous people have used this supplement and they have been able to enjoy several benefits of it. Some such benefits of the product have been mentioned below.

· The supplement is good for acid regulation as it maintains the level of acid in your body.

· It can reduce hypertension by reducing blood pressure.

· You can regulate the body temperature through this supplement as it dilutes the acid and thereby, maintains the function of the kidney.

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Wild Rose Herbal D-Tox Kit – The Natural Body Detoxification Treatment

Cleanse your body from harmful toxins with Wild Rose Herbal D-Tox Kit – a healthy process to maintaining a natural and good life. The human body is constantly subjected to harmful toxins that can affect the metabolic functions. There are a number of factors like our modern lifestyle and environmental pollutants found in water, air and even in the type of food we eat, tend to accumulate within the body, leading to a state of congestion.

Detoxification with Wild Rose Herbal D-Tox Kit helps to purify your body from these harmful toxins and putting the entire metabolic system back to its healthy track. The supplement comes formulated with beneficial aspects that help to enhance the metabolic function of the human body. It helps to promote the bile production in the liver by supporting the digestion process and to enhance toxin elimination. However what is needed is the basic requirement of maintaining a disciplined lifestyle to ensure long-term health benefits.


Benefits of taking Wild Rose Herbal D-Tox Kit

  • Helps to Boost up Your Energy Level

Detoxification starts with the process of flushing out the things that had led to you start a treatment in the first place. As a result of which, you experience a boost in your energy level.

  • Helps in Weight Loss

Detoxification provides you the benefit of long-term weight loss. The process is different from other treatments that come with only short term effect.

  • Helps to Strengthen the Body’s Immune System

The treatment frees up the body from the various organ functions thus allowing the body to boost up the immune system and to improve the body’s absorption power. It also helps in the proper circulation of the lymphatic system and to strengthen the overall immune system in the process.

  • Helps to Improve the Overall Skin Condition

Gives a healthy and glowing skin and treats it from dermatological problems like patches, acne, etc.

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Glucosense – blood sugar guardian

Glucosense has been produced by Preferred Nutrition. The Preferred Nutrition company is dedicated to helping people and giving them the possibility of healthy and vibrant life. One of their leading products is your own blood sugar guardian Glucosense. This product controls your blood sugar, and it also provides your body with a natural source of antioxidants for maintaining good health.

The natural ingredients support healthy glucose metabolism:

· Alpha-Lipoic Acid (improve blood sugar metabolism and blood flow, treats nerve damage caused by diabetes

· Berberine (lowers glucose levels and helps with diabetes problems)

· Bitter Melon (contains a substance similar to insulin)

· Chromium (maintains healthy glucose levels)

· Bilberry Extract (significantly lowers blood sugar levels)

· Cinnamon (regulates blood glucose levels even small daily amounts)

· Biotin (an essential nutrient as an anti-diabetic medicine in combination with chromium)

Glocesense also helps to metabolize carbohydrates, fats, and proteins.

Did you know that high blood sugars contribute to diabetes, inflammation, and obesity? High blood sugar has been caused by over consuming refined sugars, products with starch, trans fats and damaged dietary oils.

How can be your blood sugar levels managed?

In order to prevent diabetes, inflammation, and obesity from developing, here are some tips how to make Glucosense even more efficient:

· Eat several small meals (during the day)

· Eat some protein with every meal (meat or vegetable protein)

· Eat vegetables and fruits

· Use healthy fats with every meal (avocado, olive oil, etc.)

· Limit refined and high glycemic index food

Remember, consume Glucosense vegetarian capsules and eat every 2-3 hours if possible.

Preferred Nutrition and Vitasave

Vitasave Canada is one of the leading online stores with health products in Canada. Vitasave Canada and Vitasave USA offer a wide range of Preferred Nutrition health products. Glucosense is one of the products from a WomenSense formulas providing some of the best-sellers for body treatment.

The Preferred Nutrition products are available only online, and in vitamin stores across Canada. They want to ensure their clients with the best health products and providing them with full satisfaction. Make a difference today, and order a Glucosense to improve your health and body stamina.

Renew Life Candizyme and Renew Life DietStart – Boost your overall health condition

Food supplements are incredibly important if you want to maintain a lean body type. The reasons are various but most importantly – you can’t really get all the nutritional substances throughout your regular meals. This is the main reasons for which it’s highly advisable to consider taking some supplements if you want to increase your overall health condition. The Renew life CandiZYME is without a doubt one of the best enzyme blends on the market right now. The formula behind this potent blend is specifically designated to promote the perfect balance of your intestinal yeast as well as to support your overall digestive health. The results are incredibly beneficial and are guaranteed to help you feel more energetic, productive and most importantly – healthy.

At the same time, the formula behind the Renew life CandZYME is specifically designed to provide you with incredibly digestive support. The mix comes with SmartZyme blend in order to offer a broad range of PH to stimulate your digestive tract. At the same time you can rest assured that it’s free of gluten and there are absolutely no additional artificial ingredients. The supplement offers nothing but purity, quality as well as potency which is guaranteed until it expires.

Kickstart your diet with Renew Life DIETStart

At the same time, if you want to balance your weight, the same company offers a perfect diet supplement called the Renew Life DietStart. This particular supplement is designated to get you through an effective 14 day diet program which is going to help you initiate a weight loss process. It also has cleansing qualities. The product is set out to promote the usage of excessive fat for energy generating purposes which is the best use of fat. At the same time, Renew Life DietStart ensures an intense internal process designated to increase your overall lean body mass. The supplement also guarantees cleansing qualities and is going to help you get rid of all harmful toxins. This is especially important if you want to maintain a good shape and an overly healthy lifestyle which is going to provide you with more productivity, energy and wellness.

Tonalin CLA and Weight Loss

Tonalin CLA (conjugated linoleic acid) has been used in 18 studies and clinical trials and has been proven safe and effective for reducing body fat and weight loss. Tonalin is derived from safflower oil.

What is CLA

CLA is a group of chemicals found in the fatty acid linoleic acid. It is found foods like

· Dairy products

· Beef

Uses for CLA

· Cancer

· Weight loss

· Atherosclerosis

· Obesity

· Body building


Dr Oz recommended it in June 2014 for Women First magazine, along with Dr Turner saying that it helped make cells more responsive to insulin, so that the pancreas doesn’t have to work as hard. It also helps reduce fat and metabolism boosting muscle mass without changing anything in their diet.

How Tonalin CLA works in the body

  • Decreases number of fat deposits
  • Reduces activity of LPL enzymes which helps stores triglycerides
  • Increases the rate that fat cells disintegrate in the body
  • Increases fat burning


If you are pregnant or taking medications consult your doctor before taking Tonalin CLA or any other supplement for interactions.

Places you can purchase Tonalin CLA

Target, Walmart, Walgreens, vitamin world, and publix are stores you can pick up Tonalin CLA in; there are several places on line to purchase it as well if any of the stores that carry it are not close to your residence.

Reviews of this product are mixed. Some say the product doesn’t work others swear by it. If you are thinking of trying this product, keep in mind that it may or may not work for you. Also taking the product alone without eating heathy and exercise regularly can slow the effects. There is no magic pill that will alone, burn off fat you do have to do a little more work than just swallowing a pill.

If you are just starting a healthy diet and exercise program and your doctor has said it is ok, give Tonalin CLA a try and see if it boosts your fat loss. You may be surprised at how well it works.