enzy180 11 AUG

Enzymedica Digest Gold is the leading digestive enzyme formula. The product enhances fast digestion of fats, proteins, carbohydrates and fibre. Enzymedica Digest Gold is composed of 4 different digestive enzymes and thus a potent natural formula for healthy digestion.

Its role is to act as catalyst for major enzymatic reactions in our bodies. It is manufactures with ‘thera’ process for strong protease, cellulose, amylase and lipase elements. The product is good for digestion since it has the insoluble and soluble fibres.

It functions with glucan metabolism and has active elements great for individuals who are seeking ways to acquire fast body nutrients from consumed dietary foods plus double their energy with enzymatic reactions. The main causes of digestive problems are poor unhealthy lifestyles, high intake of tobacco, alcohol, cigarettes and over processed foods.

Daily digestive processes strain our bodies and this also affects the functioning of other organs such as liver and pancreas. The disadvantage of taking overprocesed foods is that they contain fewer nutrients and our bodies need extra energy to digest such kinds of nutrients. We need to consider taking food rich in fibre and lots of water too.

We have sedentary lifestyles which decreases good digestive health. With slow digestion, there is the opportunity of re-absorption of toxins and microbial overgrowth thus having difficulty in passing of stool. This leads to constipation and digestive related ailments. Good digestion brings about good health. Our body digestive system may also be affected when we get anxiety, depressed and stressed; these conditions also affect the nervous system.

Our sedentary lifestyles have largely slowed down digestive processes since we have lots of body toxins and large microbial growth rate that reduces bowel movements. Major ailments also cause us to feel constipated, fatigued and weak. Additionally, we have to consider intake of raw fruits and vegetables, fluids and chew food properly.

Enzymedica Digest Gold can be purchased from https://www.vitasave.ca.Vitasave is the largest online retail stores which contains various supplements and health products. The products are also shipped to other regions including USA and Canada. We also have other products such as Sublingual b12 methylcobalamin 1000 mcg tablet, Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soap Baby-Mild Bar Soap, Pearls IC probiotic by enzymatic therapy. Free shipping of products above $70 PLUS Great discount offers!!


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