Organika red yeast rice plus is the formula that highly functions to reduce blood cholesterol. High blood cholesterols may be the risk factor of getting heart ailments and stroke. The potent supplement contains 150mg sterols and 500mg red yeast that reduce enzymatic reactions which reduces cholesterol levels.

The ingredient sterols serve as blocking factors of cholesterol in body intestines and tissues. The main reason why we have individuals with high cholesterol levels is because they are considering intake of unsaturated fats, live a sedentary kind of life or it is a condition that is inherited.

With daily intake of Organika red yeast rice plus we can reduce risk of contracting cardiovascular diseases and atherosclerosis. The supplement is sourced from Chinese traditional starch plants. It is a kind of rice that is cultivated and then made to powder form. The active compound in Organika red yeast rice plus is HMG Co and reductase that functions to greatly reduce body cholesterol. The reductase element blocks synthesis of cholesterol inside the liver.

With Organika red yeast rice plus we have incareased formation of HDL good cholesterol. The is oflavones, minerals, vitamins and amino acids aid heart to pump blood to all body parts. The product may also be purchased in its capsules form. It is manufactured under stringent measures and consists of no artificial additives.

It is the ingredient in all manufactured products that reduce LDL cholesterols. Expectant mothers need to seek prescription from a doctor. We are also required to take 2 capsules every single day to reduce triglycerides formation that is largely associated with strokes and cardiovascular ailments.

Organika red yeast rice plus can be purchased from Vitasave is the largest online retail stores which contains various supplements and health products. The products are also shipped to other regions including USA and Canada. We also have other products such as Bee Propolis Canada; Organika Curcumin, Colloidal Silver Canada and Gelatinized maca powder. Free shipping of products above $70 PLUS Great discount offers!!



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