Vega Sport Performance Protein – a Healthy Plant-based Supplement


Take your performance to the next level with Vega Sport Performance Protein. This 30 grams protein rich supplement contains plant-based ingredients that include – alfalfa, pea, organic pumpkin seed and organic sunflower seeds. All these make the supplement a full-spectrum, balanced amino acid profile.

Protein is an essential building block of muscles, bones, skin, cartilage and blood. It is a macronutrient that is needed by the body in large amounts and which helps to facilitate cell repair and regeneration, molecular transportation and the structural support of the skin and the bones. Supplementing the body with adequate protein supply ensures healthy maintenance of fluid balance, strong immune defense and efficient signaling of impulses and nerves.

Benefits of Using This Supplement

Including the Vega Sport Performance Protein to the daily diet can give rise to a number of benefits. These are –

· Protein helps to trigger the function of the nervous system. The receptors that are present in the nervous system are responsible for the prompt response. It comprises of protein complexes that help in assisting the functions of the body towards the transmission of the nerve signals within the cells and the regulation of the central nervous system.

· Proteins can also act as a strong immune defense system. It helps the body to function in a mechanism of self-defense that helps to protect it from various diseases and infections, using the aid of antibodies. The antibodies consist of specific proteins that are capable of detecting the foreign elements. These foreign elements are known as antigens to which the body will respond to by producing specific antibodies and even deactivating it.

· Protein also helps to effectively balance and regulate the fluids that are present in the body. This helps to the prevention of acidity or the ph value within the body.

· It is also a good source of energy that the body can benefit from. The human body does not store any extra supply of enzymes or proteins and that is why the need for protein supplements is a must.

You can search for the Vega Sport Pre-workout Energizer product online directly at – one of Canada’s largest supplement health store providers. Get fast product delivery, exciting discount offers, and hassle-free customer services for every product purchase.


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