Vitamin K Supplement Has Benefits for Osteoporosis and Diabetes Patients

Natural Factors Vitamin K & D 120 mcg & 1000 IU

The name Vitamin K has been given to a group of five fat-soluble nutrients that are structurally similar. However, only five of these are naturally occurring, while the rest can be found in supplements. Vitamin K Supplements are the only existing source of these nutrients and this is why they must not be ignored when it comes to taking health supplements.

Vitamin K has been found to play a major role in the regulating levels of blood calcium and aiding bone metabolism. This vitamin is used by the liver in the production of a clotting factor called prothrombin, and helps in improving blood clotting in the body. Vitamin K deficiency is a serious health hazard that causes symptoms like hemorrhage, excessive bleeding and prolonged clogging time. It can be treated with the regular intake of this Vitamin K supplement.

Some Other Reasons Why Vitamin K Supplement Must Be a Part of Your Diet:

Low levels of vitamin K can result in a variety of ailments as specified above. But it not only in event of a deficiency that you must turn to this amazing supplement. Here is some of its disease preventing properties:

  • There is a direct correlation between the intake of vitamin K supplements and bone health. Vitamin K aids the maintenance of strong bones and decreases the risk of fractures and reduced bone density.
  • This supplement can keep blood pressure at a regulated level and prevent the build-up of certain minerals in the arteries which are unsafe for heart health. Appropriate intake of Vitamin K has been found to reduce the risk of strokes.
  • This supplement has also been used in the treatment of osteoporosis. is a popular Canadian online seller of alternative medicine and healthcare goods like Vitamin D3 1000 IU. All goods available on are 100% authentic. Visit to avail amazing discounts up to 60% on selected goods and get free shipping.


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