Relish Being Healthy With Vega Smoothie

Proteins are vital for the body as they play a crucial role in conducting several bodily functions and ensuring optimal health of the internal organs. After all, they are the building blocks for your body. It is the second most important and abundantly found mineral in the body right after water. As such, this nutrient is required for a wide variety of functions all over the body. If you lead an active lifestyle, consumption of protein becomes all the more important. Unfortunately, it can become difficult at times to come up with good solutions for meeting the protein needs of the body.

You can use a supplement health drink such as Vega Smoothie to get rid of this problem. As the name suggests, this is a smoothie. Therefore, it becomes very easy to get enough protein for your needs. After all, you can make the smoothie anytime you want. You can enjoy this delicious and healthy drink with your breakfast or whenever you are hungry.


What Are the Benefits of This Health Drink?

One of the best things about Vega Smoothie is that it is available in a range of flavors. Even the names of those flavors are quite interesting. You can choose between Oh Natural, Bodacious Berry, Viva Vanilla, Tropical Tango, and Choc-a-lot. However, that is not the only benefit of this health drink. Here are some more.

  • The protein content of the smoothie has been completely derived from high-quality plant sources. Apart from being healthier, this makes the smoothie an excellent choice for those who cannot have dairy products due to lactose intolerance.
  • You also get the benefits of green vegetables in this drink. Some of the plants used for formulating the drink include broccoli, spinach, and kale. All of them are very healthy vegetables.
  • The calorie count of the smoothie is also quite low at only 90 calories. Therefore, you can use this smoothie with your workouts quite easily.
  • All ingredients have been sourced from plants that are free from GMO.

You can purchase this product from where you can also get other products from the same manufacturer such as Vega One Nutritional Shake. is the biggest online retailer in Canada that exclusively offers all kinds of health products. You can get free shipping on your orders along with massive discounts of up to 60% on all products at


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