Garden of Life Primal Defense – Probiotic Formula in Whole Food Form

Garden of Life Primal Defense is the only probiotic formula that is found in the form of unique whole food. The supplement also comes blended with Homeostatic Soil Organisms or HSOs, which are considered to be important probiotics that the human body might get in abundance if the food does not have to come in contact with herbicides, pesticides, and another type of chemical compounds.

Probiotics are good microorganisms that promote a healthy digestive system as well as an immune system. This protects the body from any kind of illness and other health-affecting diseases. The Garden of Life Primal Defense replenishes the body with valuable probiotics and promotes optimal health support. The supplement includes 12 species of hardy beneficial microorganisms, available in the form of HSO Probiotic Blend. With this probiotic supplement, you take your health to a completely new level.


Health Benefits of taking This Probiotic Supplement

  • The HSO probiotic blend found in the Primal Defense helps to support a normal gastrointestinal balance of both the good and bad bacteria. This indirectly helps in maintaining a healthy and balanced internal environment.
  • Helps to promote regular bowel function as well as maintain healthy immune system. Both of these are beneficial factors that lead to overall health benefits.
  • Contains selected ingredients that help to stimulate the fermentation process, thus causing the nutrients to be more available to the body
  • Helps the body to thrive the toughest digestive environments that remain undeterred by the stomach and the bile acids
  • Helps the body to maintain a healthy diet process through the act of assimilation of nutrients in the gut and supporting normal absorption
  • Is available in two types of composition and they are both easy-to-use. These are available in the form of Capsules and Powder

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