Domatcha Organic Tencha – Healthy Green Tea

Take the healthier alternative to brewed green tea by using taking a sip of Domatcha Organic Tencha.


This is a blend of matcha and tencha green tea leaves that are grown in the Northwestern corner of Kagoshima in Japan. A single cup of the match green tea leaves is equivalent to the nutrients and antioxidants of brewed tea leaves. Including the Organic Tencha gives a natural boost to general health wellness.

Benefits of Taking Domatcha’s Organic Tencha Green Tea Leaves

Domatcha Organic Tencha green tea leaves supplement the body with a number of health benefits. These include –

  • Helps to effectively detoxify the chemicals that are present in the blood. Most of the foods that are consumed today are full of toxic substances. Some of these are growth using chemical fertilizers, herbicides, and pesticides. This leads to increase in the level of toxic substances present in the body. The green-like chlorophyll that is present in the Matcha green tea leaves, help to effectively balance the PH level in the blood system.
  • Contains antibacterial processes that help in boosting up the function of the body’s immunity system
  • Includes strong antioxidant properties that protect the body cells from free radicals that might cause damage to the tissues and the cells
  • Helps in speeding up the metabolism rate that can burn down the excessive fats and calories that accumulate in the human body (this is one of the main reasons why the Matcha green tea leaves are taken by fitness professionals during the time of workouts)
  • It is a very prominent booster that works to enhance the mood of a person and also the function of the brain
  • The Matcha green tea leaves can work as a good substitute for those who are suffering from problems like Dementia and other conditions of acute memory loss.

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