Vega Protein and Greens – Berry: A Fruity Blast with Goodness of Proteins

Start your day with a flavor blast of Vega Protein and Greens – Berry in your breakfast. Protein forms an essential amino acid that the human body needs for the innumerable number of metabolic functions. It helps to fuel up the body’s performance, to build up the muscle tissue and to repair the already damaged tissue. Amino acids are also needed for the maintenance of good health. However, the amount of protein intake that a body gets is most influenced by the modern lifestyle today. People who follow a vegetarian lifestyle also do not get protein in adequate amount.


The Vega Protein and Greens – Berry is a convenient protein energizer that comes formulated with 20 grams of complete, plant-based and multi-source protein in two full servings. In addition to this, is 100 percent natural, gluten-free and does not contain any added sugar.

Benefits of Taking the Vega Protein and Greens – Berry Supplement

  • It can help to prevent muscle loss

The protein supplement can provide the body with various types of amino acids that are useful for carrying out of specific purposes. This is essential when it comes to maintaining good health. Apart from that, protein supplements can also help to maintain a proper nitrogen balance and ensuring repairing of lean body tissue.

  • It can help to speed up post-workout recovery

Protein intake can help to prepare your muscles for what’s coming in. Adequate storage of amino acids can help to ensure that process of recovery takes place faster.

  • It can provide your body with adequate calcium intake

Low levels of calcium can affect your overall body performance. This can be overcome with an adequate supply of protein intake in your body.

  • It helps to avoid the practice of improper meal planning

While preparation of healthy foods are time-consuming and might not always be possible, a healthy shake off the protein supplement can provide the body with a healthy dosage of carbohydrates, good fats, and protein.

All Vega Sport Energizer products are readily available online at – online supplier of 100 percent natural supplements. Place your order and win exciting discount offers and fast delivery service.


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