AOR L-Carnitine – An Essential Amino Acid Supplement for Vegans and Vegetarians

AOR L-Carnitine is the perfect supplement recommended to vegans and vegetarians who are unable to get sufficient amino acids in their daily diet.

The supplement is basically a derivative of the Lysine amino acid, which is building a protein that the body requires. However, it is also one of those protein requirements that are difficult to assimilate. This is because; the Lysine amino acid can only be acquired after the proper digestion of food. Some of the essential sources of the Lysine amino acids that a person can derive from are – fish, eggs, meat, avocados, nuts and lots of dairy products. As good as it might sound; this is something that vegans and vegetarians are deprived of. The AOR L-Carnitine forms an essential source of the rich amino acid that can be included as a supplement in one’s regular diet. There are many benefits that a human body can derive from the Lysine amino acid and these are –


Benefits of taking the AOR L-Carnitine

  • Helps to bolster the immune function of the body and protects the body from outside diseases
  • Is effective for the treatment of cold sores and providing relief from this nasty health issue
  • Has been effective in reducing the problem of anxiety by increasing the serotonin levels
  • Helps in the build-up of new muscles and repairing the already damaged tissues
  • Enhances the energy level of a body and helps to boost up recovery capability of a body
  • Helps to support cardiovascular health and immunity
  • Is clinically more effective in dosage form
  • Helps to support fat metabolism and delays fatigue symptoms that are often faced during strenuous workouts

The product is very much readily available at, one of Canada’s largest vitamin shops online that provides a wide range of supplements and other health solutions. You can visit the store and take a quick look around. Do recommend this to someone whom you think would benefit from natural supplement treatment. For every purchase of a supplement pack, get exciting surprises like fast product delivery and lucrative discounts. VitaSave is known for its unparalleled customer service and hassle-free return policy.


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