These days, it’s difficult to stay strong and healthy. With the number of new diseases and the increasing pollution levels in the environment, it’s easy to get sick. Add to that the high levels of stress that we all get from the office; someone is bound to catch something easily. This fact is why it’s important to stay healthy. That includes proper eating habits and regular exercise. However, not everybody has the time and money to eat healthy food items. So, if that is the problem, you can work your way around that y taking medi c plus supplements. It’s the perfect combination of Vitamin C and Lysine, keeping your heart and immune strong and healthy. It’s available at your favorite vitamin shop at a very affordable price.


Lysine is one of the amino acids, and it is mostly found in food such as cheese, meat, milk and other animal products. On the other hand, proteins that come from grains such as wheat tend to contain less lysine.

Studies have shown that lysine plays a role in the treatment and prevention of herpes and cold sores. It also improves absorption of calcium in the intestines and promotes proper elimination

at the kidneys, which suggests that it might be helpful in the prevention of osteoporosis. Other benefits of lysine include increased muscle mass, better blood sugar control, and controlling anxiety.


Each capsule contains vitamin C, in the form of sodium ascorbate, calcium, and lysine. This powerful combination of vitamins and minerals strengthen the heart, decreasing the chances of having any cardiovascular disease. It also helps with the formation of collagen, which can help repair damaged joints and can result in healthy skin.

Vitamin C, being a strong antioxidant, helps the body get rid of free radicals, preventing the formation of diseases and improves the function of our cells, making them efficient and healthy.

Having a strong heart and body is very important nowadays. That’s why it is important to add Medi-C Plus to your everyday routine. You can get one at everybody’s favorite vitamin shop. Just visit them at and live your life better.


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