Body Fats and Health: Important things to Know

Bees produce propolis, which allows them to glue their hive materials together. However, bee propolis does not only benefit bees; it provides humans with a ton of advantages. Natural Factors Bee Propolis is made with a nutrient-rich extract and has an extremely high concentration of antioxidants. The superior antibacterial properties are known to relieve and reduce many harmful health conditions.

Benefits of Natural Factors Bee Propolis

You cannot underestimate the health benefits of Natural Factors bee propolis canada. To gain some insight on how beneficial it is, here is a list of some of the notable benefits:

• Works to fight against multiple cancers, including cancers of the; brain, pancreas, head, neck, kidney, bladder, skin, prostate, breast, colon, liver, and blood.

• Prevents the growth of new blood vessels, which work to feed cancer cells.

• Halts cancer cell division.

• Mitigates the side effects of chemotherapy drugs.

• Prevents respiratory tract infections.

• Prevents middle ear infections.

• Relieves minor infections.

• Prevents dental cavities.

• Helps treat genital herpes.

• Enhances overall immune function

Natural Factors Bee Propolis is a natural form of protection against various diseases and health conditions. In addition to fighting and protecting your body from various health conditions, Natural Factors Bee Propolis is a natural source of vitamins, specifically Vitamin B, as well as minerals and flavonoids. Natural Factors Bee Propolis is made with organic bee propolis powdered extract that has 500 mg worth of bee propolis per serving. Other than bee propolis, Natural Factors Bee Propolis is made of a gelatin capsule, magnesium, and vegetable grade stearate.

If you are looking for a place to purchase Natural Factors Bee Propolis, along with other Natural Factors products, then check out is Canada’s leading online source for vitamins, supplements, and other health products. They offer daily discounts and low prices. Also, offers free shipping as well as a hassle-free return policy. So, what are you waiting for? Take advantage of the high-quality supplements and low prices today.


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