WomenSense EstroSense

For women, maintaining estrogen levels is necessary for a balanced mind and body. Estrogen is a hormone that regulates a woman’s reproductive cycle in conjunction with other mental and physical processes. Estrogen is produced in a woman’s ovaries and it is important to maintain healthy estrogen and progestogen hormone levels both before and after menopause. Unbalanced hormones can lead to a series of both mental and physical medical conditions. Hormones levels can become disrupted in many ways including aging and a poor diet. One of the leading hormone balancing therapies available is WomanSense EstroSense. Balanced hormone levels lead to many benefits and using EstroSense to achieve this balance is a great way to maintain these healthy levels.


· Balances hormones which allows for healthier looking skin, mitigating premenstrual syndrome (PMS) symptoms and a more focused, relaxed mind

· Reduces symptoms and pains associated with menstruation

· Promotes an easy, symptom free (or dramatically reduced) transition into menopause

· Protect breasts against cysts and other medical issues

· Promotes a healthy cervix and uterus

· Can aid in liver detoxification

· Promotes better health in general

· Convenient capsule for easy daily use

· Non-GMO, vegicaps

Is WomenSense EstroSense right for me?

If you are a woman that struggles with one or more of the following conditions / medical problems, you should consider EstroSense to maintain your hormone levels and balance your body:

· Considerable exposure to pesticides and other toxins linked to cancers and medical problems

· Breast Disease

· Hormonal Acne

· Heavy Periods

· Obesity

· Ovarian cysts

· Perimenopause (approaching menopause)

· Premenstrual Syndrome

· Cervix / uterus problems

You may not suffer from any of the aforementioned conditions / medical problems but any woman can benefit from hormone balancing help. Balanced hormones lead to a better and healthier life.

How often can I take WomenSense EstroSense?

EstroSense should be taken once daily with food to support healthy hormone balance. The convenience of the mobile capsule form allows you to maintain your estrogen levels wherever you are, whenever you need it.

Where can I purchase EstroSense?

WomenSense EstroSense can be purchased online at Canada’s largest retail store for vitamins and supplements, VitaSave.ca or where health and wellness products are sold near you.


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