The Health Benefits of Genuine Health Greens +

Have you been looking for a dietary enhancement powder that will provide you with multiple benefits? If so, you should consider purchasing the Genuine Health Greens+ powder. This powder will significantly boost your nutritional intake, as well as your energy and vitality. Genuine Health Greens+ powder is Canada’s first and only research proven superfood formula, thus being the highest quality dietary powder you will be able to find in Canada.

Benefits of Genuine Health Greens+

Genuine Health Greens+ has many health benefits, but the following is a list of the most notable health benefits that this dietary enhancement powder will provide you with:

· Increased energy

· Overall improved well-being

· High Oxygen Radical Absorption Capacity, which is an antioxidant ability for ant-aging support.

· Production of osteoblasts, which creates bone support.

· Antioxidant equivalency to six servings of organic fruits and vegetables.

· Low Potential Renal Acid Load, which provides your body with more alkaline (which is good).

In addition to all of the health benefits, Genuine Health Greens+ is crafted with a synergistic blend of over 23 plant-based essential nutrients. Thus, if you use this dietary enhancement, you will receive a maximum amount of critical and health benefiting minerals.

In order to properly use Genuine Health Greens+, simply mix three teaspoons of the powder into one cup of pure water or juice. Then, shake or stir the mixture. If you have never taken a dietary enhancement like this, you should begin with one teaspoon of powder, in one cup, until you build a tolerance. It is important that you only take Genuine Health Greens+ once a day, and that you do not take it on an empty stomach.

If you are interested in purchasing Genuine Health Greens+ for a low price, then check out is the online leading source for vitamins, supplements, and other health related products in Canada. They offer daily discounts up to 60%, as well as deals and the lowest prices. In addition to the deals and low prices, offers free shipping and a phenomenal customer service. So, take advantage of the great prices and quality service, and order Genuine Health Greens+ from today.


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