Floradix supplement is essential in boosting your energy and keeping you healthy

Salus Floradix Formula BONUSFlora Floradix Herbal Extract Iron Tablets

Floradix supplement from flora is a vegetarian formula with herbs and iron extracts that provides the body with a highly absorbable type of iron and herb extracts to boost your immunity. Regular intake of this liquid iron supplement helps in regulating iron levels in the body to boost your energy and general body health.

Iron is an important element in the body and therefore has to be in adequate amount. The element chemically combines with copper and proteins to produce hemoglobin. Hemoglobin is the main component in red blood cells which is responsible for transporting oxygen from the lungs to all the parts of the body. Iron deficiency can therefore have negative consequences on the body and can lead to death.

Iron present in floradix is also required by the whole body for the production of a compound called adenosine triphosphate. The compound is responsible for the production of cellular energy and proper functioning of cells. Presence of low iron concentration leads to a drop in the making of ATP therefore causing low energy levels and fatigue. In some cases one can faint and become unconscious due to low energy production.

Flora just like other manufacturing companies like new roots state the importance of using floradix. It prevents iron deficiency in the body hence prevents anemia and keeps the body healthy. Another importance of the supplement is that it helps in red blood cells formation and improve their functioning. It also supports the formation of body tissues and enhance normal growth.

Features of the supplement

Ø Very suitable for vegetarians since it contains herbs and iron

Ø The product is alcohol free and does not contain any artificial additives

Ø It does not contain lactose or GMOs

Ø The package material is environmentally friendly

Ø Contains highly absorbable iron gluconate, food concentrates and vitamin B and C.

Ø The product has been used by women for many years.

The signs and symptoms of iron deficiency include:

Ø Dizziness

Ø Fatigue

Ø Dark circles under the eyes

Ø Frequent shortness of breath

Ø Pale skin

Ø Brittle hair

You can log in to our official website at vitasave.ca to purchase floradix supplements and other nutrient rich products at affordable prices. We stock other flora products that we believe can be play an important role in improving your health.


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