Supplements from the Ocean – Safe or Not?

Chances are high that you’ve heard at least something about the supplements we can consume that are taken straight from the oceans of our world. There’s shark cartilage, a supplement that has many claims that have yet to be backed up by real evidence, and there’s UMAC Core, a marine phytoplankton supplement that has been scientifically researched and tested. If you want to choose a supplement, the ideal way to do so is to find one that has been extensively researched, tested, and clinically tried. The company should release their findings without a problem, if they don’t, there is probably a problem.

What’s UMAC Core?

Phytoplankton are the natural prey of whales, who somehow can consume these tiny creatures and maintain a life of up to 150 years. In order to maintain a long, healthy, high quality life is by optimizing your efforts in every area of your life. You need to consume organic and raw ingredients whenever you can, exercise regularly, take efforts to fight off stress, and take supplements to optimizing the areas that you struggle in. With tiny, strong nutrients, UMAC Core boasts a whole-food spectrum that delivery vitamins, amino acids, minerals, trace minerals, and other nutrients in a single supplement. With these nutrients, it is no wonder that the natural world has succeeded in sustaining itself so well.

The manufacturer, Tom Harper who had been diagnosed with nine months to live, worked hard to decide how to create the UMAC Core. These nutrients are far more beneficial than that of shark cartilage. Harper created large tanks for the phytoplankton to thrive in, identifying the creatures that continued to do well from feeding on the creatures. The clams were doing particularly well, prompting him to try them himself. Today, he is healthy as can be with clear biopsies and benign cancer. He doesn’t even take insulin anymore, in spite of his history as a diabetic.

Consuming the right nutrients is vital to maintaining a healthy life. While we can’t control when we go, we can do what we can to help live our lives in quality. You can purchase high quality nutritional and dietary supplements at


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