The Basics on 5 Hour Energy

When you’re feeling sluggish, 5 hour energy is a great option to turn to when you’re looking for a pick-me-up. These are sold in the form of shots, and provide a combination of vitamin B – niacin, B6, folic acid, and B12. In addition, it uses an “energy blend” that combines malic acid, taurine, l-phenylalanine, citicoline, n-acetyl l tyrosine, glucuronic acid, and caffeine. The combined blend of 1870 mg, and there’s no specific amount listed on the labels for the caffeine itself. The idea is that the caffeine equates to a cup of high quality coffee. This drink is 4 calories each.

Profitable, but Potentially Harmful

Through incredible marketing strategy, 5 hour energy is making millions for the CEO. He’s a mysterious man, Manoj Bhargava. The entrepreneur avoids as much attention as possible, but he has a trail of lawsuits stringing behind him associated with the drink. The company has made a warning announcement that specifies the drink should be avoided by pregnant or nursing women, people with PKU (phenylketonuria), and children under 12 years. Some people may find the large dose of caffeine to be a problem, or experience a niacin flush, which is very uncomfortable. There is a total of 8,333% the RDA of vitamin B12; however there doesn’t seem to be any toxicity that comes along with high amounts of B12.

One law suit has claimed the drink caused them to have a heart attack, blaming the “deceptive” label. The victim dismissed the lawsuit voluntarily. One adolescent drank a 5 hour energy drink, and experienced his first seizure. One woman damaged her liver and was put in hospital care after consuming over the amount recommended by the label. There is currently no evidence that a mix of b vitamins would support energy enhancement, aside from in a person with a significant deficiency. In addition, much of the research into the ingredient content are either unsupported, or have an unclear connection to the goal of the energy drink.

If you love 5 hour energy, you can purchase it from the health food stores of Mississauga, or at for a deal, or you can find high quality supplements that promote energy production, or enhance sleep to prevent grogginess.


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