Vega Protein Bars

The Vega Protein bars are packed with protein based proteins to help strengthen and regenerate muscles. They contain the special ingredient, Saviseeds, which are a rich source of try ptophan (a form of amino acid).

The delicious non-GMO Vega Protein bars can be enjoyed as post/pre workout snack or as a protein supplement snack for both men and women

These bars are Informed Choice certified for use by athletes to rebuild muscles and substantially reduce recovery time.

Vega Protein Bars are formulated by Brendan Brazier: a vegan, professional triathlete, bestselling author on plant-based proteins. The protein bars are available in different tasty flavours to suit your taste buds preference. Flavours include chocolate coconut, chocolate, chocolate mint and chocolate peanut butter.


• Plant-based proteins

• Contains omega three fatty acids

• Contains glutamine that is essential for muscle repair

• Made from whole foods

• Gluten free

• Does not contain additives, artificial flavours or colors

• Contains other functional nutrients such as dietary fibre and carbohydrates

• Tasty

• Leaves you feeling full for long

• Can be used to supplement a meal

• Saves you on cooking time

• Gives you a pre workout or post workout energy boost

• Portable; you can eat it from anywhere

• Supports weight loss

• Maintains blood sugar levels at a healthy range

Side Effects

Vega protein bars are thoughtfully formulated to give you just enough of nutritious calories. You can eat a portion of the bar if the calories go beyond what you need.

Vega protein bars do not contain trans fats or hydrogenated oils

It is suitable for use as a meal replacement as a means to control portion and calorie intake for weight management.

It is recommendable to take other vitamin and mineral supplements when using Vega protein bars for meal replacement

Where to Buy

You can make your order for Vega Protein Bars on at a discounted price. offers free shipping and a reasonable return on goods guarantee on your purchases. This is a reliable e-commerce business in a mission to avail to you all your healthy living products at your door step at a discounted price.


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