Ultimate Flora Probiotics

Renew Life presents a line of all-natural probiotics to help you reestablish a healthy intestinal microbiome. People rarely recognize the problems associated with poorly-maintained gut flora, but Renew Life Ultimate Flora Probiotics will give you 50-100 million of the microorganisms that you need to flourish. Some of the things Ultimate Flora may help you fix or prevent include depression, anxiety, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, general inflammation, a vitamin deficiency, a weakened immune system, food allergies, Obesity and Colitis. Having the right microbiome is critical to bodily function, and Renew Life Ultimate Flora will help you get back on track to where your stomach needs to be.


Your gut microbiota are responsible for many key functions of your digestive tract. These are:

  • Ensuring the use and breakdown of extra carbohydrates that are passed through your stomach without being digested
  • Provide enzymes to get your body critical vitamins and minerals that your stomach doesn’t have the proper enzymes to digest
  • “Teaching” your immune system how to better fight off harmful diseases by providing genetic material so that white blood cells can adapt
  • Fighting off harmful organisms without help from your immune system

Side Effects

Ultimate Flora products have not been shown to have any side effects beyond those of any other probiotic. That said, be aware of some of the risks associated with oral probiotics. These may include gas and bloating during the transition period while your body is getting used to the new blend of microbiota and diarrhea brought on by a change of your colon’s PH balance. Significant scientific research has not been done on the effects of taking probiotics, but there may be other risks associated with it such as dental cavities.

Where to buy Renew Life Ultimate Flora

You might be able to get some probiotics or probiotic foods at your local health food store. But for the best results, Renew Life offers a range of gut flora-boosting probiotics that will help prevent disease and disorders. Among these is Ultimate Flora: Critical Care, Ultimate Flora: Colon Care, Ultimate Flora: Ultra Potent and Ultimate Flora: Vaginal Support for Women. You can find all of these products and more online at vitasave.ca!


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