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Raw Meal by Garden of Life is a healthy meal or snack supplement that is designed to satiate your hunger while providing essential vitamins and minerals. It is an excellent way to get the energy needed to get through the day, and might just give you that needed boost to get the most out of a workout session in the gym.

Raw Meal is a step above the rest

When you choose to supplement your diet with Raw Meal, you’re choosing to get a balanced and healthy supplement.Raw Meal is vegan friendly and is free of gluten and soy. It contains a number of probiotics, enzymes, vitamins, and minerals that will keep your body running smoothly.

When you take Raw Meal, you are getting the necessary healthy fat and protein servings to help your body repair after an extensive workout. Moreover, each scoop is also loaded with fiber to aid your digestive system and keep you fuller for longer.

Benefits of eating Raw Meal

Raw Meal is a healthy alternative to meat and dairy based protein. It is perfect for vegetarian and vegan diets, as it is all inclusive; you can get all of your vitamins and nutrients from one serving. Furthermore, because all of your food comes from vegetables and herbs, you will not experience the bloat, gas, and diarrhea that some people experience with whey protein.

When you eat Raw Meal you can expect the following:

· A well balanced meal that keeps you full and energized.

· All of the essential amino acids needed to build muscles.

· Low sugar and carbohydrates.

· Probiotics and enzymes needed to boost your digestive system.

· A perfect blend of uncooked, organic vegetables that have not been modified.

Garden of Life is committed to providing you with healthy, high quality supplements. Everything supplement has the nutrients you need to get the most of your day while helping you live a healthy life. Their supplements are perfect for anyone, from bodybuilders to casual dieters. You can find their products online at Amazon, eVitamins, iHerb, and When you visit, you can browse through a number of supplements designed to help you get the most out of your diet.


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