New Roots Sleep 8

New Roots Sleep 8 is a natural sleep aid that helps to promote a full, restful night’s sleep. It contains a number of healthy herbs and minerals that promote sleep on their own, but together in the right dosage they have a much more pronounced effect. These include magnesium, catnip, melatonin, qiye shen’an pian, chamomile, skullcap, hops and passionflower. Unlike conventional methods of sleep assistance like sleeping pills, Sleep 8 is available over-the-counter and is comprised of all-natural, non-gmo ingredients. aIt’s also a good option if you would prefer to avoid the time sink of attending therapy for sleep issues or some of the potentially dangerous side effects commonly seen from sleeping pills.



The benefits of Sleep 8 are all of those associated with getting a full, restful night of sleep. These include:

  • Improved memory and mental capacity
  • Longer lifespan compared to those who get less sleep
  • Increased libido and sexual health
  • Easier muscle building
  • Safer driving
  • Increased impulse control and weight loss
  • Lowered anxiety and depression
  • Lowered chance of many illnesses, such as diabetes
  • Healthier skin
  • Lower chance of addiction and headaches
  • Better vision
  • Increased immunity to common illnesses
  • Lowered risk for cancer
  • Higher pain threshold
  • Lowered risk of heart disease

Side Effects

No side effects specific to Sleep 8 have been reported, though some of its components have side effects or contraindications. Melatonin may cause next-day grogginess and should not be used by pregnant women. It shouldn’t be taken with blood thinning products or other sedatives. Skullcap should not be used with any other sedatives and has in the past suffered contamination from another herb which caused liver damage. Hops should not be overused or it may damage the liver. Passionflower can interfere with antidepressants, should not be used with any drug which reacts poorly to MAOI inhibitors, and may thin your blood. It also should not be used by pregnant women. Chamomile should not be mixed with other sedatives, and also should not be used by pregnant women.

Where to buy Sleep 8

The best place to buy New Roots Sleep 8 is at Canada’s premiere online health product store, Shop today and get free shipping for orders over $70!


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