Nu Life’s Hemoplex provides you the iron supplement you need

Feeling kind of sluggish lately? You may be one of the many iron-deficient individuals that struggle through chronic fatigue on a daily basis. You can a natural product to increase blood in your body.

Hemoplex tablets and liquid are both designed to promote healthy blood, blood vessels, combat fatigue and stress, and maintain higher levels of energy.

Unlike other brands of iron supplements, Hemoplex is readily assimilated and causes few of normal, nasty side-effects that come with iron supplementation. Hemoplex uses a micronized ferric pyrophosphate which is easier on the stomach lining and more quickly absorbed.


l Prevents iron deficiency anemia

l Provides high amounts of B-vitamins

l Contains Vitamin C for greater iron absorption

l Includes Industry Leading percentage of juice concentrates

Iron is vital for all humans. It plays an important role in many essential physiological processes. It’s involved in getting oxygen to the cells and muscles. It’s needed for maintaining normal cell growth. A deficiency of iron causes fatigue, increased susceptibility to disease, and generally poor physical and mental performance.

Are there side effects?

Compared to the other brands of iron supplements, Hemoplex may produce mild, if any, of the common side effects associated with iron supplementation such as: diarrhea, nausea and vomiting, discolored stools, etc.

Where can you get Hemoplex?

Hemoplex is available in most health stores across North America as well as most online supplement retailers like who will ship directly to your home. It’s simple. Visit their website, place your order, and complete your checkout. Your Hemoplex will be at your door in no time.

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