Biosil Drops for a Beautiful Skin

Biosil is a highly absorbable form of silicon where the silicon is bound to Cholin. The Cholin acts as a transporter into the target cells. Once in the cell, biosil has an ingenious way of stimulating the manufacturing of Collagen.

The problem with collagen, at the age above 40 years, there is a loss of 30% of skin collagen in the first five years especially during menopause, skin thickness declines 1.13% per year, skin elasticity declines 0.55% per year and the decrease in skin collagen correlates well with the decrease in bone mineral density.

Preferred Nutrition Biosil

The clinical research with collagen is focused on its ability to improve the collagen content in skin, hair and bones. What biosil drops does is that it tells the collagen producing cells in the hair, skin and bones to make more collagen.

The directions of use are: Take 6 drops per day. Mix in a quarter cup of fluid e.g. milk or juice and drink immediately. You can also swallow it with water as an alternative, just like taking regular medicine.

• Beautiful skin.
• Reduces wrinkles and fine lines by 30%.
• It increases the skin elasticity by 89%.
• It is clinically proven.
• It increases the textile strength of the hair by 13%.
• Thickens the hair by almost 12%.
• It increases the bone collagen formation by 22.2%.
• It increases the bone mineral density by 2% within the first year of use.

Are there side effects?
This formula contains orthosilic acid which is currently one of the best anti aging solution. It contains pure and natural ingredients making it have no side effects whatsoever, this is after thousands of women trying it and all they see are positive results. Before using it, see an expert to get proper guidance about your skin.

Where can you get Biosil
you can get it from in Canada?


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