Increase Micronutrient Intake with Umac

Umac is noted as the oldest and most complete form of nutrition available. Evidence of the abundant micronutrients in marine phytoplankton are known to help maintain the needed human cell membranes both in function and structure. They contain a vital element that is needed for cell detoxification and the overall needed metabolism of human cells. Umac is a concentrated blend of these microorganisms that are essential for the functioning of the human cell.

umac core is delivered into two forms, in capsule and concentrated liquid form. The concentrated liquid is a base of organic glycerine and the capsule contains organic maltodetrin as its delivery system.


Umac provides many benefits to users. Any person can take this formula and make it part of his or her day to day diet. The benefits include:

· Support cellular health

· An excellent source of essential micro-nutrients

· Promotes health and vitality

· Contains rare trace elements

· A supplementary source of amino acids

· 100% vegetarian

Why i need Umac in my body

Umac contains a combination of rich nutrients that are necessary for human cell membranes in structure and functioning. With the large amounts of nutrients, it ensures detoxification and for the overall metabolism of the human cell. With the high consumption of processed food among many of us today, we definitely lack some key elements like carotenoids.

Notably, it is an all-natural supplement .Contains no yeast, heavy metals, preservatives, artificial flavours or colours mould. There for it is a perfect supplement especially for the vegetarians.

Without doubt, Umac is the best formula Vitasave gives for effective and complete form of nutrition. It is among the cheap supplements online available to provide much needed micro-nutrients for human cell membrane metabolism. Umac is a potent formula that has been proven to contain some of the most rare elements that are essential for normal functioning of the human cells. You can visit to learn more about Umac


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