The Shortest Guide to Magnesium & Supplementation

Throughout recent years, scientists have been looking deeper into Magnesium due to significant results finding that the protein contains an encoding gene, Magnesome that is capable of changing the way certain proteins behave in the human body. It has affected health, tissues, disease and far more. Magnesium can be found in natural food sources, such as whole grains, nuts and other soil-grown foods. When we ingest them, the magnesium is absorbed into our small intestine. Unfortunately, without magnesium, we can start to accumulate calcium, causing constipation, kidney stones, dementia, decreased glucose, and asthma. Essentially, we absolutely must have Magnesium, but there aren’t too many excellent sources for this. You can typically use supplements, like Lorna Vanderhaeghe MagSmart, or SiSu Magnesium.

Declined Magnesium Levels in Soil

There are several reasons that magnesium is hard to find in soil today. There’s acid rain, potash fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, and erosion. However, there are several more reasons that our bodies may struggle to absorb it. We have processed foods, fluoride in toothpaste and even water, stressors, unhealthy intestines, certain foods, junk food, trans fats, drugs, body size, and hypokalaemia.

How Magnesium Supplements can Help

With magnesium supplements like SiSu Magnesium, your body can begin fighting off exhaustion through the energy boosting mineral. In addition, magnesium supports the nervous system, muscle function, heartbeat, protein synthesis, psychological function, teeth and bone maintenance, cellular division, and keeps your electrolytes in check. It’s important to choose a magnesium supplement that is bioavailable, as different supplements offer different bioavailability. The bioavailability level indicates the amount of magnesium your body will be able to absorb, however some of the factors are based entirely on your health and body.

You can tell you need to start taking magnesium supplements based on your symptoms. Mild magnesium deficiencies cause appetite loss, brain fog, weakness, nausea, headache, and vomiting. A more severe one causes numbness, fibromyalgia, and abnormal heart rhythms. Start improving your body with Lorna Vanderhaeghe MagSmart or SiSu Magnesium from They offer the finest rates around, and don’t cut corners to ensure customer health and happiness.


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