Shark Cartilage is the natural treatment

Shark cartilage is a dietary supplement obtained from dried and powdered cartilage from a shark. It is naturally non-toxic substance that is widely accepted as an effective way of treating less fatal degenerative diseases such as osteothritis and rheumatoid arthritis. It comes in three brand names including cartilad, benefin and carticin. It is supplied in capsules, powder form and liquid extracts among other forms. The active elements include proteins and mucopoly saccarides, the rest of the elements are still unknown since researchers are still isolating and locating them.

It is received through intravenous infusions, enemous and by injection on the abdomen, in between muscles and under the skin. It abides by the FDA regulations.

Benefits of Using Shark Cartilage

· Used for psoriasis

· Effective for wound healing

· It helps to cure arthritis

· Good for cancer treatment especially the kapois sarcoma in HIV positive patients

· It helps to cure enteritis

· Prevents angiogenesis that can cause malignant tumors

· Cures damaged retina due to diabetes

· Prevents growth of new vessels from pre-existing ones

· Improves health in most because of its anti-inflammatory properties.

In angiogenesis it is not given orally but administered through injection, for psoriasis and arthritis patients shark cartilage is applied directly to the skin. Its healing effect is fast.

Side Effects of Using Shark Cartilage

Shark cartilage causes constipation, nausea, vomiting and stomach upset, unusual fatigue, weakness, dizziness, mood changes, frequent urination or thirst, abdominal pain, serious allergic reaction that manifest as a swelling on the tongue or face. You should inform your doctor immediately you see any side effect.

Patients with any form of allergies, heart diseases or recent surgery should avoid any use of the drug. Talk to your doctor or go for a health check before you starting this supplement.

Recommended for adults only, it is not recommended for children and pregnant women. When breastfeeding consult your pharmacist or doctor first.

Where to Buy Shark Cartilage

It can be purchased from This product has gained popularity but it’s not available in every store. The only place you can find it without failure is


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