SierraSil Edmonton

If you’ve ever suffered from chronic joint pain, then you know how debilitating it can be. You kind of don’t even realize how often you bend your knees until bending them starts to hurt. It can prevent you from enjoying that special dance at an event, or even from being able to carry laundry up the stairs. And everyone suffers from joint pain, not just the elderly. It can start even as a teenager with all the sports kids do and all the things they put their joints through while their bodies are developing.

SierraSil Edmonton joint formula is a mineral powder that contains essential minerals that work to relieve joint pain. These minerals can help support cartilage and relieve the symptoms of arthritis in a natural way. The minerals include calcium, iron and potassium as well as many others.

The biggest concern with joint pain is that if you take a pain killer the pain will go away, but you may injure yourself further because you can no longer feel the damage you’re causing your body when you’re on a painkiller. SierraSil is a more natural way to heal the body and relieve pain, reducing risk of further injury. SierraSil also brings down inflammation, relieving the pressure that can build on the joints from joint pain.

As a preteen I was dedicated to becoming an Olympic figure skater. Of course, like most preteen dreams, this wasn’t likely to actually happen, but I skated every chance I got back then. It only took one fall on the ice to create a lifelong issue that would cause joint pain whenever the weather got cold or I danced too hard. I’m now in my early thirties still suffering from that one injury, but supplements like SierraSil make a huge difference.

SierraSil Edmonton, available on, comes in different sizes and different dosages depending on your weight. They also suggest building up your dosage slowly, especially if you have a sensitive stomach. It is great to have a supplement available that can relieve joint issues without just numbing the pain or putting you at risk of further injury.


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