Health Benefits of Organika Coconut Oil

From the extensive line of Organika health products, Organika coconut oil contains a host of benefits as a result of its primary ingredient: coconut oil. It has been used for decades on end to promote health in terms of body, and beauty. Here we will be discussing the health benefits that come along with the consumption of coconut oil, a non-toxic, gluten-free, trans fat-free, hypoallergenic, antibacterial product.


Why You Should Be Taking Coconut Oil

Organika Coconut Oil promotes and improves your digestion process. In addition, it cuts down on the symptoms that come along with disorders of the digestive tract and bowels. It accomplishes this by supporting your digestion tract to allow for optimal absorption of amino acids, minerals and vitamins. In addition, it promotes the release of waste by providing an excellent resource for fibre. Coconut oil is 61% dietary fibre that cannot be digested, and therefore doesn’t have calories or an impact on your blood sugar levels.

Organika Coconut Oil improves your heart health through short and medium chain fatty acids. MCFA don’t have an impact on cholesterol, and it reduces the risk of heart disease and atherosclerosis. In addition, coconut oil provides lauric acid, a fatty acid that can be found in mother’s milk.

In addition to the above, coconut oil cuts down on your craving for sweets while improving insulin production and blood glucose use. Hypoglycemic cravings are reduced by Organika coconut oil’s healthy fats. For a quick boost of energy, coconut oil produces energy instead of being stored away for fat. The oil promotes endurance in athletes, healthy thyroids, and prevents chronic fatigue-related symptoms.

Coconut oil by Organika health products prevents obesity, and promotes weight loss, by stimulating your metabolism with the energy it produces. Those who use coconut oil or other coconut products can wait longer between meals without suffering from hypoglycemic reactions.

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