5-hour energy drink- Get free calories

Are the claims of this product true? Before we answer that, let Us talk numbers first. Sales of this 2 to 3 ounce shot soared to $544,000 in 2008, double those of the previous year according to information resources a Chicago based market research firm published. In fact, energy shots are the fastest growing segment of the $4.6 Billion 5 hour energy drink market according to the research firm Mintel.


· It has 4 calories compared to a normal redbull that has 100 calories.

· It contains caffeine that increases alertness and reduces the feeling of fatigue.

· It contains high levels of B6 and B 12 vitamins which can also provide energy.

· When eaten before a meal, it converts ingested carbs, fats and starches into energy faster, boosting energy.

Side effects

Drinking too much of it is harmful to your health.

  • If you have heart problems, high blood pressure, kidney disease, hypothyroidism, anxiety or nervousness, you need to talk to your physician before taking the drink. It can worsen such health conditions.
  • Some people take the drink when they are drunk to sober up so that they can drive home which is a very dangerous mix that can affect your health. It can cause problems when mixed with alcohol.
  • If you have a B vitamin deficiency, a simple blood test can determine if you have a B-vitamin deficiency. Hi causes of B6 can cause nerve damage, numbness and tingling in the arms and legs. Those sensitive to vitamin B3 might cause a brief reddening of the skin and a heat prickly feeling.

Where can U get g hour energy drink?

This drink is found at Vitasave.ca. Some people worry that this temporary solution can lead to a permanent problem. A shot of this drink maybe twice a year when one is reading for an exam is different from a daily 2 bottle intake. If you find that you need it chronically then your body is telling you that there is something wrong. It might be your diet or stress levels or sleep habits.


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