Why ProteinSmart Succeeds Where Diets Don’t

There are too many factors in play when it comes to our waistline, and these factors cause many diets to fail. The failed diet often causes dieters to feel completely discouraged in their efforts, when it really isn’t their fault. Following the end of a diet, most people gain the weight back within a couple of months. However, you can shrink that waistline without fad diets and calorie-restrictions. Instead, you should be pairing a healthy diet with dr lorna vanderhaeghe products such as ProteinSmart.

What’s in a Diet

A diet is the food that we eat. It’s important to choose foods that ease the pangs of hunger, burn fat, and stop food cravings. Choose to eat some type of protein with every meal, and pack your breakfast with nothing but protein. A healthy protein-filled breakfast may mean an egg, chicken, protein shake or even protein powder mixed into your favorite yogurt. Remove white foods, like bread, pasta, sugar, flour and potatoes. Replace these with colors! Choose broccoli, carrots, celery, sugar snap peas, and other good vegetables. These are great for your blood sugar levels, and they prevent hunger pangs throughout the day.

ProteinSmart – Melt the Fat Away

Protein is the best way to burn fat. Starting with a protein-rich breakfast gets your fat burning, and keeps it going for up to 6 hours. ProteinSmart pairs protein with CLA, a fat-burning fat, to create the ultimate power. ProteinSmart has 20g of whey protein isolate that is hormone-free, along with 2500mg of CLA, or conjugated linoleic acid, in every scoop. dr lorna vanderhaeghe products tests all her products, including this one. Studies have shown that those use CLA burn 8 pounds in 3 months and experience a jump in lean muscle with 20% less body fat.

ProteinSmart is available at vitasave.ca for 25% off the retail price, allowing you to save money while working to burn the fat effectively. The weight loss shake is available in chocolate and vanilla. Consumers love the flavor and the effects of ProteinSmart, and so will you! Start burning fat right away!


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