Health Benefits of Colloidal Silver

Colloidal Silver Canada has a number of health benefits that have been backed by science and consistent evidence. The way it is formed is by suspending pure silver in 15 or fewer positive atoms grouped with protein molecules in water. Good quality Colloidal Silver Canada shouldn’t call for shaking or appear dark. Instead, it should be pale yellow or clear to ensure that the solution will properly absorb into your body. The molecules may be effective at promoting immune health by suffocating single celled organisms and prompting the immune system to destroy the pathogens.

How Colloidal Silver Canada Works

According to scientific studies, pure sugar has the ability to kill bacteria efficiently and quickly. It worked just as well against super-bacteria, which are essentially the adapted versions of weaker bacterial strains. The silver disables the cell’s ability to take action without even being consumed, allowing the silver to continue working effectively. In order to half the cell, it targets an enzyme that is required by molds, viruses, anaerobic bacteria and yeast to function. The supplement isn’t designed to target particular health problems either, allowing to work against all pathogens and their future mutations. Currently, there has been no disease that can stand up to colloidal, even in miniscule amounts. According to lab tests, Colloidal Silver Canada takes minutes to take out fungi, anaerobic bacterial and viral organisms, kills parasites in the egg stage, and is otherwise effective for influenza, colds, infections, parasites and fermentation.

While there has been some vague evidence that Colloidal Silver Canada may prolong survival in HIV/AIDS, there has not yet been clinical testing on the theory. Many patients swear by the product, and have experienced relief from symptoms associated with the disease. Other benefits of Colloidal Silver Canada include promoting healing, defending against infections, maintaining a healthy digestive environment, and maximizing the absorption of nutrients.

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