Strauss Heart Drops

Inno-Vite CoQ10 M.R.B. Liquid Drops

It’s important to take care of your heart to remain healthy. There are several reasons taking Strauss heart drops are beneficial, but keeping your cardiovascular health is the most important. The main ingredients in Strauss Heart Drops are garlic and hawthorn berry. There are a lot of studies that show Hawthorn Berry is helpful for the control of hypertension.

Benefits of Strauss Drops

· Healthy blood supply to your heart

· Maintain normal cholesterol, fat, blood, and oxygen levels

· Promote circulation and normal vision

· Maintain blood pressure and a normal heart beat

· Relive pain from angina

Other benefits include an improvement in cold feet due to the betterment of circulation. It will help you go upstairs without getting out of breath and sleep better. People who have taken it for some time report it helps with their movement and has improved their quality of life.

Taking Care of the Whole Body

There are lots of different nutrients and vitamins our bodies need. If you are taking an active role in improving your health then doing some research on the vitamins and supplements you need can be ideal for getting in the best health of your life.

In addition to taking the drops for heart health you should also consider taking something that will help the rest of your body stay healthy. Phytoberry for example is an antioxidant that helps you get the nutrients you need that are found in fruit while detoxifying your body.

Some More Facts to Know

As with any new supplement you are adding to your regimen you might want to consult your doctor beforehand. The Strauss Heart drops do taste like garlic so if you are just going to take them straight you might want to have a drink nearby. It’s advisable to start with less than twenty drops when you first start to let your body get adjusted to it. The fact that you’re taking it in a liquid form helps it to absorb into your system quicker and start working right away.You can get the Strauss Heart drops from a local health food store or from


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