The Health Value in AOR SAMe


With AoR vitamins, compiled with natural ingredients that have been researched and tested, you can get a solid night’s sleep. With a proven track record of increasing overall sleep quality, AoR Ortho Sleep was given the Bronze 2013 Optimyz Best of the Best Award. With a carefully designed formula, AoR Ortho Sleep has achieved providing an all-natural resource to provide assistance to those with sleep problems. These issues may include an altered sleep schedule, sleep restriction, an upset sleep cycle, or other low quality sleep problems.

Benefits of AoR Ortho Sleep

AoR Ortho Sleep is a supplement that provides multiple benefits related to sleep. It resets the body’s circadian rhythm, allows you to fall asleep quicker, feel refreshed upon waking up, and increases total sleep time in terms of quality.

Side Effects

If you experience any of the following side effects from AOR ortho sleep, it is vital that you speak with your doctor. Side effects that have been documented include:

· Skin changes

· Severe muscle pain combined with abdominal pain

· Signs of weakness or fatigue

· Oral ulcers

· Gastrointestinal trouble (drowsiness, vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal pain, nausea)

· Allergy or allergic reaction

Those who are taking cold, anti-blood pressure, anti-migraine, anti-nausea, or other medications, like carbidopa or serotonergic drugs should not take AoR Ortho Sleep. In addition, people suffering from scleroderma, hormonal disorder, diabetes, cerebral palsy, kidney or liver disease, migraines, seizure-related disorders, depression, or hypertension shouldn’t take this either.

About AOR Vitamins

Based in Canada, AOR, or Advanced Orthomolecular Research, has dedicated itself for years to promoting consumer health through supplements that have been researched thoroughly. With scientific partnerships all around the world, the company has made several innovations in the development and manufacturing of supplements. They were the first to offer North America complete Vitamin E complex, as well as Glucosamine Sulphate in Canada and bioavailable Curcumin to the rest of the world. Their policy to avoid chasing trends led them to be voted North America’s favorite Canadian Supplement Manufacturer.

AoR Ortho Sleep is available at at 30-39% off the retail price. First time consumers receive a $5 coupon for their first order.


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