Manuka Health Manuka Honey Gold


Manuka Honey is an organic honey produced exclusively in New Zealand and has been linked to several health benefits. Honey in general has significant health benefits most notably its ability to combat bacterial damage as a natural antibacterial product. However, not all honey is the same and therefore the level of antibacterial power it has can vary depen ding on how it was harvested and other factors. Manuka honey in particular is known to be one of the highest potency honeys in the world and as such performs remarkably well in fighting bacteria. This is mostly due to its main component that acts to fight bacteria, methylgloxal. Because the honey is so dependent on the environment and process in which it is harvested, Manuka honey’s antibacterial potency and power is rated on an independent scale known as UMF (unique Manuka factor). The higher the UMF, the more concentration of methylgloxal and therefore it is a more effective antibacterial agent. One of the leading providers of high UMF Manuka honey for therapeutic purposes is Manuka Health – manuka health gold. Boasting a UMF of MGO 400+, it has a 4-star, gold rating and is an effective way to intake Manuka honey and reap all its benefits.


· Effective, reliable and consistent antibacterial activity due to the high UMF and high concentration of methylgloxal

· Convenient way to intake the highly potent and effective Manuka honey

· Raw, unpasteurized and natural

· 100% product of New Zealand

· Gluten free, non-GMO

What ensures the high UMF and high quality?

The Manuka tree grows exclusively in New Zealand and only in the most remote locations where the only humans to interact with the product are the beekeepers that extract the honey from the Manuka tree. Because of this close control and monitoring, Manuka Health is able to maintain the pristine and high quality honey.

How should Manuka Health – Manuka Honey Gold be taken?

Manuka Health – Manuka Honey Gold is best taken on its own, not mixed into other foods or beverages to unlock all of its intended health benefits. It is recommended to be taken a spoonful at a time.

Where can I purchase Manuka Honey Gold?

Manuka Health – Manuka Honey Goldcan be found where health and wellness goods are sold or online at


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