AOR Vitamins Offer Huge Health Benefits


One of the most heavily researched vitamins available in natural health products is the AOR Advanced B Complex. It contains the more advanced forms of the different B vitamins, keeping them measured out carefully to meet the required ratio in the body. These vitamins boosts just about your entire body’s well-being due to the biological activity in the vitamins, and how they function and work together. Pretty much all of them provide a benefit towards metabolizing fat, protein, and carbs for energy. However, many provide other benefits as well, such as immune function, central nervous system support, the growth and development of your red blood cells, hormone levels, brain support, and maintaining your skin and muscle definition. AOR vitamins are enhanced with several essential vitamins:

· B Vitamins 1, 2, 3, 6 and 12

· Folic Acid

· Pantothenic Acid

· Biotin

Benefits of AOR Advanced B complex

The vitamins bring the most advanced forms of vitamin B directly to your system through an easy to absorb mixture of essential vitamins. The ratios are balanced, and supported by clinical trials. Many have found that the benefits from AOR vitamins includes a boost in energy, less stress in their life, and, according to several reviewers, you don’t get bothered by mosquitoes in the summer. B1 is a vitamin that is bio available and lipid-soluble. It is absolutely required in order to develop red blood cells, convert amino acids and glucose to energy, and maintains your muscle tissue. Riboflavin is incorporated to give you an energy boost, as well as maintain vision and skin health. Niacin helps with cellular respiration, toxin removal, and hormone production. Each vitamin gives your various systems a huge boost in their functionality.

In addition to the above, there are other benefits that come with AOR Advanced B Complex that you can experience for yourself. Every purchase of AOR vitamins at provides a 40% to 48% discount on the retail price of 90 to 180 vegicaps. In addition, new customers can receive a $5 coupon towards their first purchase, as well as free shipping with orders of $70 or more.


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