Benefits of Silicea


Silicea takes action more upon the organic substances of the body, including crucial bones, joints, skin, glands, and mucous surfaces creating malnutrition and corresponding to the scrofulous diathesis. Its action is profound and long-lasting. It is mostly suited to imperfectly nourished constitutions, owing to deficient assimilation. It is the treatment of diseases attended with pus formation and has a close relation to all fistulous burrowings.

Silicea has the capability to reabsorb a bloody or Sero-albuminous exudate, existing within the tissues using the lymphatics. Here it frequently follows Calc Phos. Silicea treats chronic gouty rheumatic affections using its interesting results of the associated connective tissue cells, forcing these to throw off the accumulated Urates through the lymphatics.Silicea can bring back suppressed foot-sweats, and in this way be a secondary treatment for ailments resulting from suppression of foot-sweat, for example, Amblyopia, paralysis, and cataract among others.In general Silicea has the following benefits:

• Stimulates flexibility and elasticity in the skin and bone matrix

• Most suitable for skin, hair, and nail health.

• Can be utilized topically to aid in decreasing fine lines and blemishes.

• Pleasant tasting gel quickly digested & absorbed.

For instance, Naka Gel Silicea formula has been the preferred form of Silica for a lot of years.

How to use Silicea

One can utilize this product externally, on the face to eliminate acne and other skin blemishes, on hair as a remedy to slow graying and on the skin to heal small open wounds from bites and burns. Internally one can use this product to restore collagen supply and decrease physical aging symptoms. Silicea is also used to encourage strong, healthy hair, nails and maintain elasticity in the skin as well as to assist in keeping strong, healthy bones and stop osteoporosis. While using this product as a face mask to level wrinkled skin, one should Leave it on for roughly 10 to 15 minutes or until dry, wash out with warm water then apply their moisturizing cream.

Where can you get this product?

You can order this product in health food stores online Canada. Vitasave is one of the largest retail shops in Canada offering the best supplements and other natural health foods. You can enjoy up to 60 percent retail off in Vitasave. To get this product order it online via Vitasave.Ca and have it delivered to you right away.


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