Always sleepy and tired? Increase your iron levels today!

If you are experiencing tiredness and constantly feeling sleepy, you might be having low iron levels in your body. Worry less though, because floradix is here to help. Floradix is a liquid iron solution that helps in ensuring that your body maintains a healthy level of iron levels, and also assists in stopping you from feeling tired.

It contains no preservatives as well as any GMO additives, colors, alcohol, lactose and animal derivatives.

Benefits of Floradix

Ø This product has no chemical additives, nuts or alcohol thus good for your health.

Ø Ensures maintenance of iron in their optimum levels in the body.

Ø Prevents cracking of skin around the corners of the mouth.

Ø Prevents constipation and headaches that are commonly associated with the use of iron tablets.

Ø Contains vitamins B1, B2, and B6, as well as Vitamin C which assists in the absorption of iron into the body.

With Floradix, you get an opportunity to renew life and digest more, reducing the stress of constantly getting tired and sleeplessness that hinder working abilities whether in the office or at home.

Women generally suffer more from low iron levels than men and this is mostly because of menstruation, which causes them to lose more than 10 times the amount of iron that men lose in a month. That is why ensuring that your iron levels are kept at safe levels is something that not only every woman, but everybody should always practice.

You can start with taking a balanced diet to maintain your current iron levels, then supplementing with Floradix to act as a booster, renewing your life and helping you digest more.


It lacks of sufficient consumer reviews for aspiring buyers to read and first-hand information from people who have tried it.

Even though the daily dose per day may be affordable, when supplied for a month the cost becomes rather expensive.

Side effects of iron may cause a negative health impact so it is advisable to first seek medical advice from a doctor.

Where to get Floradix

Floradix is available for purchase from store at discounted prices and free shipping anywhere in Canada.


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