Is Progressive Phytoberry All Its Cracked Up to Be?

In a world filled with numerous health supplement companies, many claim that their supplements reign supreme. For one New Zealand company, however, research is proving them to be right. A company called Progressive Nutritional is putting other health supplement companies to shame with their products. Their newest product, called progressive phytoberry, is a dream product for non-GMO, all-natural health supplement loving people.

What does Research Say?

This product by Progressive Nutritial claims that their protein smoothie is everything everyone needs to get the full amount of protein in their daily diet. They feature a full list of benefits from taking this supplement smoothie on their official website. Some of the included benefits are support of liver and kidney function, the ability to properly absorb iron, increase of energy, support of healthy digestion, exceptional immune support, and much more.

Research has shown that the New Zealand company live up to their word. Those whom have used this product have an increase of overall health and feel much more alive and able to tackle their daily duties with more stamina and energy. People whom have bought this product started out skeptical, but after a few progressive phytoberry smoothies, are calling themselves “true believers” of this health supplement. Others are calling this Progressive Nutritional product a godsend, while others are saying they wished they found it earlier.

Should I Take Progressive Phytoberry?

For those that want to see for themselves, or their interested in piqued and want to buy the product, all they have to do is visit Progressive Nutritional’s official website. They are able to go through all of the benefits of using this product, as well as features of the product. Some features they will find are a list of 40 ORAC rich botanical nutrients, all natural ingredients, and more.

This supplement is available on Vitasave is one of the largest Canadian supplement retail stores. Here, you can find different products at up to 60% discount. Buy your supplements on now and get your body on the healthy path it deserves.


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