Natural Supplements – Turmeric and Bromelain

The combination of Turmeric and Bromelain has a positive impact on body chemistry. It affects the immune system, the digestive system and the circulatory system. It is a completely natural supplement, its ingredients being turmeric extract (root powder), curcumin and bromelain, which is a pineapple extract.

Here are some of the Turmeric and Bromelain benefits:

* Turmeric has strong anti-inflammatory and antiseptic qualities;

* it increases liver capacity of eliminating toxins;

* it improves articulation mobility;

* it soothes coughing, throat pain and softens bronchial secretion;

* it purifies the blood, improves blood circulation, prevents heart failure;

* it prevents Alzheimer’s disease by dissolving plaque deposits between the brain neurons;

* it is efficient in Crohn disease, rheumatoid arthritis, other rheumatic diseases;

* it is a good anti-depressant;

* Curcumin (a chemical compound of turmeric) inhibits cancer cells growth and increases antioxidant levels;

* Turmeric has healing effects for the skin; it improves skin texture because, while being a natural exfoliant, its antioxidant properties help maintain skin tonus within optimal parameters;

* it improves memory and general brain health by increasing its oxygen intake levels.

* Bromelain boosts digestion and protein absorption, thus reducing the negative effects of indigestion, lack of energy and allergic reactions to certain foods;

* it improves the exocrine function of the pancreas;

* it is a strong anti-inflammatory agent which reduces pain, eliminates swelling and supports tissue regeneration after surgery or from post traumatic lesions;

* it helps prevent cardiovascular diseases, reducing thrombosis risks, anginal pain and relaxing arterial constriction.

* as a protein decomposing enzyme, Bromelain can act as an anticancer agent.

It is obvious that the combination of Turmeric and Bromelain creates a powerful product with multiple positive effects upon the body. Both supplements have important healing properties, therefore the product is very important if you want to regenerate your vitality and restore body health.

It can be used by everybody, either following the prospect or under a health care practitioner’s supervision.

Please visit for more information on this product.


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