Vitamins and Co-Enzymes go hand in hand

Natural factors b12Methylcobalamin is nothing but the biologically active form of vitamin b12 which is most readily accepted and absorbed by our body. It’s a water soluble vitamin which is necessary for the various bodily processes that includes energy production, production of genetic materials RNA and DNA and improves the nervous system functioning.

This natural factors b12 Methylocobalamin is superior to the more common form of b 12, cyanocobalamin, as the former gets active immediately after absorption in the body, rather than like in the case of the later where it has to be converted to the active form in the body.

It prevents anaemia, aids folic acid to regulate the formation the formation of red blood cells and also assists in the proper utilization of iron. In the nervous system, the prime role of this vitamin is the production of neurotransmitters which help with learning and then storing it in the memory and also to slow cognitive decline in brain health that comes gradually with aging.

Natural factors coq 10is another essential nutrient like vitamin that will increase the cellular energy production levels which is required by every other cell in the body. It supports the cellular vigour and also the cardiovascular health.Natural factors coq 10 is one hundred percent natural which consists of only the Trans isomer identical to that of the body’s own coq 10.

Due to the role it plays in the synthesis of Adenosine Tri Phosphate, coq 10 does affect the functioning of all the cells in our body thus making it an essential factor for health of all organs and tissues. It causes a beneficial impact on the cardiovascular performance, immune performance and also kidney as well as liver performance. Apart from this, coq 10 provides antioxidant protection from oxidation in our body.

Depleting of coq 10 from the body can result in early aging process and compromise with several other health conditions. Further decline in health can be seen as coq 10 has affinity to organs with high energy requirements like brain, heart, kidneys, liver. Supplementation will help restore the energy to these tissues and help maintain good health.

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