Spotlight on Nordic Naturals

The spotlight on Nordic Naturals will show you just what they have to offer you as a user of their fine products ranging from omegas, to heart, brain, joint, immune, Skin hair and nails, pregnancy, and digestive issues. Celebrating 20 years in the business they have a mission to sustainability while providing concentrated formulas for the whole family including the family pets.

The history of Nordic Naturals

The history of Nordic Naturals is a long one with 20 years in business. Born in Norway where the founder was raised and fish oil was a large part of his everyday life, when he moved to California in the mid-1980s to complete his MBA, he was unable to find good fish oil and so was bringing it back from Norway with him by the suitcase. Driven by his Norwegian heritage, knowledge of fish oil, and love of science, Joar Opheim, became inspired to advance fish oil quality and industry standards. He was guided by his personal mission to bring high-quality fish oil to the world and has developed several patented fish oil technologies that include flavoring, taste, delivery, and processing—shaping standards for a country and industry that had few guidelines in place.

Values and Research

Nordic Naturals incorporates ethical and socially responsible practices with regard to environmental consciousness, corporate transparency, philanthropic partnerships, and education—all of which are integral to fulfilling our mission of correcting the global omega-3 deficiency. It is their belief these core values, be their dedication to innovation and grounded in scientific research that are guaranteed by participation in peer-reviewed clinical studies by leading experts worldwide.

Social responsibilities the company believes in

Nordic Naturals believes it is their social responsibilities to embrace responsibility for the impact their activities have on customers, employees, communities, and the environment. This guides them to improve health and nutrition around the world, to encourage community growth and voluntarily eliminate harmful practices. They understand that their presence as a manufacturer is felt from the oceans where they source their fish, to the communities in which they process and distribute their products.


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