The AOR Supplements Facts

We are going to discuss the AOR Supplements in this post and find out just what makes them special or not so special.

Let’s start with the history of AOR Supplements first, it is a Canadian based company known for its reputation as a leader in advanced, innovative, and research based supplements. The pillars that AOR Supplements are based on are innovative research, scientific integrity, quality manufacturing, and consumer education.

Along with those pillars, it is their belief that science, consumer health, and quality products are their priorities, in order to bring you the aor supplements that have become a leading brand in the health care supplement field to give aide and relief to many discomforts and conditions that effect so many of us today.

Now let’s look at some of the conditions that AOR Supplements can help with. Conditions such as Allergies, Autoimmunity conditions, Blood pressure, Cognitive function, Cellular health, Detoxification, Digestive issues, Fibromyalagia, Eye conditions, Heart and cardiovascular health, Immune health, Neurological health, Menopause, and so many more. Each formula blended specifically for the condition with the purest raw ingredients that have been proven to help treat the symptoms and reduce risk of future issues from it.

While they never put GMO Free or Gluten Free on the label, when at all possible they opt for the source of ingredients that are GMO and gluten free. The do not advertise as GMO free or gluten free as some of the food sources from animals cannot be guaranteed as such therefore they will never put misleading information on the label. It is part of their pillars that keeps them from misleading labels, to provide truth to the consumer.

Purchasing AOR Supplementsin Canada, you can purchase from stores such as Willow Creek Nutrition or Healing Alternatives. Otherwise you will have to purchase these online. With the expansion of the production facility in Calgary, hopefully there will be more stores who choose to retail the supplements from AOR, getting them into the hands of the consumers who need help with their various health concerns and conditions.


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