Progressive PhytoBerry – high ORAC protein smoothie

Fruit smoothies are often said to carry nutritional value of immeasurable values that could make the body a lot healthier, even more so when it is taken regularly every day. Imagine the nutritional value that formulated fruit smoothie could have. That is exactly what Progressive PhytoBerry is. Engineered with over 40 ORAC fruit concentrates, phytonutrients, essential fatty acids and herbal extracts, every serving of this wonderful shake contains 24 grams of the purest and cleanest protein for consumption as well as the nutrient density of 6 to 8 servings of super fresh fruit. This super formula is completely free from pesticides, hormones and antibiotics.

Progressive PhytoBerry Protein Bar

Progressive PhytoBerry is made with rich botanical nutrients fused with 5 New Zealand proteins that make up the best whole body protection in the long run. Who says supplemental drinks need to taste bad to be good for your body? This is one beverage that you would want more and this is only due to the taste!

Why should anyone drink Progressive PhytoBerry?

The rich nutritional value and the blend of the best proteins are enough to attract anyone to make this delicious drink as a health supplement. This type of fruit smoothie can create a better body build-up that fights off symptoms of chronic diseases, as well as keeping one healthy in more ways than one. Among the benefits of Progressive PhytoBerry are;

– Protection based on whole body antioxidants

– Slows the apparent effects of the aging process

– Promotes lean muscle growth

– Providing the best immune support

– Upgrade overall better cardiovascular health

– Elevates brain function

– Protect the eyes and their health

– Promotes the release of growth hormones

– Helps the repair as well as formation of good bones structure

– Obtain better fat-burning system

– Provides the body with more energy

– Controls appetite and blood sugar levels

– Provide overall better digestion

– Cultures the production of glutathione; antioxidant of the body

– Restores a healthier pH balance

This product is all the goodness of a vitamin shop combined into one super smoothie, and is probably the shortest way to obtain nutritional values of the body without relying on supplementary drugs or chemicals.


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