Finally someone listened to the needs of people who take exercise seriously

Finally someone listened to athletes, body builders, and anyone else who takes their workouts seriously. If you are consistently pushing your body to its limits you must be sure you are properly nourished throughout the workout. You need different nutrients at different times depending on what is going on with your body and what you require. Vega Sport understands all of that and has designed a system that provides nutrients for before, during and after workouts so you can perform at the highest level and accomplish the goals of your exercise. has all the products provided by Vega. Canada’s leading retailer can give you everything you need to be at your best.

Details of Vega Sport Protein Program

There are three phases to this program and different nutrients are available for each since the body requires different supplements during each phase.

1. Prepare phase- Products will get you prepared mentally and physically to perform at its best. Will provide you with energy and put you in the zone mentally to compete at the highest level

2. Sustain phase- Products will rehydrate you and replace your electrolytes lost during exercise. It will give you sustained energy as well as a quick energizer

3. Recover phase- Products will help you recover, repair and replenish nutrients lost. It helps rebuild muscles and get your body ready to compete again as quickly as possible.

What Vega Sport accomplishes

Vega Sport helps your body throughout your exercise and makes you feel great, physically and mentally. It provides the following:

· Reduce inflammation in the joints and surrounding tissue

· Helps the immune system and protein synthesis

· Aids metabolism and alkalinity

· Gives antioxidant protection

· Gives immediate energy for top performance

· Increases anaerobic and aerobic ability

· Increases mental focus and concentration

Vega Sport system finally has been created with the athlete and serious exercise minded person. It allows you to concentrate on your performance and handles all of your nutritional needs for you. Go to and purchase products from all three phases to get the complete benefit of the program.

Vega Sport Protein program explained

The program developed by Vega helps your body before, during and after your workout. What is unique is Vega Sport concentrates on the physical as well as the mental aspects of your exercise.

1. Prepare

a. Vega Sport Pre-Workout Energizer- has everything necessary to get you focused mentally and energized physically. They have 13 plant ingredients that will significantly increase your performance. They have the product available in sugar and sugar-free varieties that come in Lemon Lime and Acai Berry flavors.

2. Sustain

a. Vega Sport Electrolyte Hydrator– This contains formula made to rehydrate the body and provide instant energy. It is formulated to replace electrolytes and rehydrate the body and give you sustained energy to perform at your best. It is available in sugar free as well as regular and comes in Pomberry and Lemon Lime.

b. Vega Sport Energy Bar- Basically does the same thing as Vega Sport Electrolyte Hydrator but comes in a bar so it is much more convenient. Comes in apple cherry and chocolate coconut almond.

c. Vega Sport Endurance Gel- This is a burst of pure energy. It contains electrolytes and vitamins and comes extremely digestible for quick energy. It comes in orange zest and raspberry.

3. Recover

a. Vega Sport Performance Protein- Contains BCAA’s, protein and glutamine that helps the body repair, replenish and recharge your body. This builds muscle quickly after repairing fatigued muscle. It comes in 4 flavors.

b. Vega Sport Protein Bar-Packed with protein. The same as drink but more convenient

c. Vega Sport Recovery Acceleratory- Plant based post workout mix that restores energy, reduces inflammation while reducing recovery time.

About is the leading retailer for natural supplements in Canada. They offer these supplements at 60% off the price of other retailers. They also offer free shipping on any orders over $70.00. Keep an eye on the website because they also have specials on different products at different times. They have a very interesting section that allows you to sort supplements based on your condition. If you search for the condition, all of the supplements that will help you recover from that condition are displayed allowing you to compare products and choose which will work best for you. They also have over 300 customer reviews which give positive accounts of the great customer service provided by this company. Go to now and start feeling better so you can be happier and healthier.

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