Garden of Life raw protein: Just in case!

Garden of Life RAW Protein Mangolicious Garden of Life RAW Protein Chocolate Cacao Kiss

Many vegetarians are worried they don’t get enough protein. Actually, if they eat take in enough calories with fruits, vegetables, nuts and legumes, they should take in enough protein. If you are a body builder or do excessive physical training, you may need more than the average person. In this case, many people turn to protein supplements to get what they need.Garden of Life raw protein is a great way to get plant based protein into your diet. is a great place to purchase protein powder in Canada.

What does protein do for us?

Protein is the main part of muscle, hormones, and bones. When you are eating, the protein present in the food slows down all food to ease digestion and get the most nutrients out of what is passing through the digestive system. It also reduces the glycemic index in your body. Protein also helps us feel full and reduces hunger cravings. It also helps build lean muscle which burns more calories making it easier to lose weight. Protein also burns fat and will increase your performance. Plant based protein has been known to reduce inflammation in the body. This is extremely important because if there is less inflammation, there is less of an environment where cancer cells grow. It is great to use the supplements to get plant protein instead of the animal protein.

Why use Garden of Life raw protein?

Raw proteinmade by Garden of Life if an organic, plant based protein supplement.It is considered a complete protein with all of the amino acids necessary for the body. It comes in a variety of flavors including:

· Cacao Kiss (chocolate)

· Natural

· Vanilla

· Mangloicious

Where to purchase the amino acid supplement

Vitasave.cais a great place to purchase your Garden of Life raw protein. They have a large variety of vitamins and supplements. They have largest selection of nutritional supplements in Canada and have great discounted prices. Start shopping today for your raw protein as well as any of your other health products that will make you happy, vivacious and ready to take on the world.


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