Omega-3 Is The Wonder Supplement You Don’t Want to Live Without

Everyone knows all of the benefits of Omega-3 or fish oil. We all knew it was good for us but never really knew why. There is a science behind this supplement and if you understand that, you will know exactly what kind of Omega-3 to buy. Once you decide what your body needs, go to to get the proper kind of Ascenta Nutrasea Omega-3.


The main components of Ascenta Nutrasea are EPA and DHA. Each component serves a different purpose. EPA is responsible for helping reduce cellular inflammation, ADHD, brain trauma and depression. DHA helps with the eyes, cardiovascular health and brain function also. So, whatever ailments you wish to relieve will determine which Ascenta product you choose. There are 23 different varieties of Nutrasea in the website. For instance, if you want help with symptoms of depression, research the different types and choose the one with the highest concentration of EPA since that is the part of Omega-3 that helps relieve depression. If you decide you want overall protection from all of possible ailments, just choose one that contains equal amounts of each component.

How should you take this supplement?

Ascenta Nutrasea is available in both liquid and tablet form. Liquid comes in two flavors including lemon and mango. Adults and adolescents over 14 should take3 1 tsp daily. Children 2-13 can take ½ tsp. daily. If you are using the soft gels, 2 can be taken daily to get the same relief.

ABOUT VITASAVE.CA is the largest retailer of supplements in Canada. Their prices average about 60% less the average retailer. If you order over $70.00, your order will be shipped for free. The supplements are divided into different categories to make it easier to navigate around the website. They also have some very interesting blogs that are quite informative and answers various questions that many people have. They also have over 300 customer reviews that let everyone know just how great their customer service is. The next time you need supplements or nutrients of any kind, visit


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