EstrosmartThe Smart Solution For HerHormonal Problems

Lorna Vanderhaeghe ESTROsmart 120 capsules and BONUS ADRENAsmart 20 capsules

I had my first period when I was 13; it was just so confusing for me and I couldn’t understand why this was happening to me. Remember you are not alone andall women face period problems.

Its hormonal changes and how our body is programmed. Some of us have irregular periods, heavy periods or no periods, or some have acne issues, weight gain, and hair loss problems. This is all affected by the hormonal imbalance.

An online search landed me on, the online site where I found the solution to all my problems.Vitamart.caoffers you a complete guide to all health products available online. not only helped me find but also helped me to understand my problems better.

On I came across Lorna R. Vanderhaeghe’sEstrosmart. The capsule which worked wonders for me. I finally found a solution to all my problems. I was blessed with no more acne, no more irregular periods and no more heavy periods. also shares a video of Lorna R. Vanderhaeghe, where she is talking about her book “A Women’s Smart Guide to hormones” where you can see the discussion on how the levels of estrogen present in our body affect these changes. It’s called estrogen dominances. She talks about presence of estrogen not only in our body but its present in cosmetics we use, food we eat, water we drink, and our environment.

Starting early with Estrosmart, will help you have a better menstrual cycle and also keep away the early problems of menstruation.With a daily use of Estrosmart from an age as young as 12, can help you in controlling the estrogen levels in your body and help maintain regular periods, no acne issues, no breast lumps, no PMS, no obesity or weight problems, and many other problems.

Estrosmart is completely vegan-friendly and gluten-free product. It has no artificial preservatives, colors, sweetener, dairy, soy, wheat or yeast. The ingredients used in preparation of Estrosmart can help you also fight against cancer, helps your brain fight diseases like Dementia and Alzheimer’s. It also helps in brain healing. Estrosmart daily consumption can help you have a healthier life and also help increase your life span.

When I came across Estrosmart, I was skeptical to try it as it was too expensive for me and I also didn’t believe how eating capsules would reduce my problems. However, I was extremely surprised to see the result of Estrosmart. I still continue to take 2 capsules, as recommended.

Estrosmart is the choice of smart women of today. We don’t need to curse ourselves or shy away from our problems anymore. The perfect solution is here for us.


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